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Server Launch, Draws & Client Release

Hello everybody!


From friday until sunday will be a busy and happy Easter weekend.

Starting on Friday 10/04 at 18:00 until Sunday at 21:00:

  • 48 hours double Experience and Drop rate.
  • Easter Event running without interruption.
  • Double E-Golds per minute online.
  • Double E-Coins & E-Golds Lotteries and Jewels Drop (every 30 minutes).

Starting on Sunday at 21:00:


  • 3 Random 4th Wings + Luck + Option
  • 5 Random Pets.
  • 1 Ghost Horse.

E-Gold Bonus for all:

  • The number reached of online players.


Client Release:

  •    Friday 03/04/2020 at 18:00 (UTC).   

Unfortunately, this realease will not allow you to play the game, but makes you one step ahead of the others.

You'll have access to our launcher with all news and announcements of the server.

You also can help us sharing this video.


We're looking forward to seeing you there.

Call your friends! Don't forget to give them your link reference to earn more E-Golds!